Reduce the amount of industrial waste, reduce production costs, reduce operating time, ensure absolute safety of goods and importantly reusable, can replace the current PE stretch film . That is the reason VINASTRAPS launched Reusable Pallet Wrapper.

Post date: 27-05-2017

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Currently, one of the most common methods of transporting or storing products is to stack up pallets and then use PE wrapping wrapped around them to avoid falling and to prevent dirt from being transported or stored. . This is a way of transporting low cost products, but costs will increase over time as these are only used once and have to be purchased continuously. Moreover, after the disassembly of the goods, the amount of waste from the PE shrinkage is very large while the recycling of this plastic is very limited.
In addition, if manual PE wrapping is done manually, it will not guarantee a stable load on the goods on all pallets and at the expense of labor costs.
From that fact, VINASTRAPS has launched a reusable pallet wrapping product that aims to support businesses in replacing existing PE film shrinkage, thereby solving some of the problems of production costs. work, environment, .
VINASTRAPS recycled film is made of 60% polyester and 40% lightweight PVC, extremely durable, firm strap, stainless steel lock. When used correctly, the VINASTRAPS membrane creates enough tension to help protect and stabilize pallet loads, reducing the possibility of damage to the goods.
Benefits from reusable film rolls VINASTRAPS:
- Reduced PE film shrinkage costs, minimizing plastic waste, thereby reducing the cost of waste treatment.
- Time to use 3 to 5 years.
- Simple, easy to use, winding and quick removal.
- Can be reused, repaired, recycled and can be cleaned.
- Do not stick together when wrapped.
- Ensure stable and uniform loading of all pallets. (If using conventional shrink wrap, tightening or loosening force depends on the operator.)
- Suitable for industrial equipment, post, printing paper, beverage, food, pharmaceutical ...
- Improve labor safety, save time manipulation.
- Protect goods better, more stable.
- Resistant to extreme weather, avoid damage to goods such as food, pharmaceuticals, ...


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  • sitharrthan (09-06-2022) Reply
    Hi, I would like to know about the price for one trial unit and also more about this reusable pallet wrapper
  • Fernando Romero (20-07-2021) Reply
    I’m Intereting in the reusable pallet wrapper I’m from Mexico City
  • Emma (08-07-2021) Reply
    Hello I am interested in your re-usable pallet wrapping products - you may note from our website that we offer similar products shipped from UK to a number of customers around the world. I would be grateful if you could supply me with a standard price list for your product and relevant testing information. Thanks in advance
  • Luiz Vieira (23-04-2019) Reply
    Do you have some representative in Brazil? I would like to make test with your pallet wrap in your company. Thanks